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"Key To Your Soul - Removing Blocks and Transforming Old Beliefs
At A Soul Level"

meditation for energy

Welcome! I look forward to guiding you on this
very special Meditation.

It is a very powerful and beautiful way of not only receiving Divine energy, but also giving to yourself the Love,
Guidance, and Peace
that you so richly deserve.

Here is what you can expect on this S.O.U.L. Meditation Download:

  • Connection with your Angels and Spirit Guides as they guide you in remembering your True Essence and
    manifesting from a place of Love and not fear.
  • Clear guidance as to the obstacles and blocks that are giving you such sadness in your relationships,
    fear in your finances, and distress in other areas of your life.
  • Four Simple Steps on How to Remove Blocks that hold you back.
  • Direct methods for removing obstacles that have held you back for your whole life.
  • A simple explanation of where your obstacles come from and why they are still there, no matter what you
    have tried in the past.
  • A Meditation technique that will work for you, whether you are an experienced meditator or have
    never meditated before.
  • Teachings on the difference between Meditation and Prayer and why you need both in your Spiritual practice
    to transform whatever is holding you back.
  • Specific guidance for those who have difficulty quieting your mind and trusting your Heart and inner wisdom.
  • Practical guidelines for how to bring this Divine Energy into your life to support your every day Choices.

This is how you reach your Divine Essence of Love and Freedom, and
bring it into form.

"I thought there was no way Esperanza could deliver all she says...But let me tell you: SHE DELIVERS!"
Laura Klein Publisher,

The download runs for approximately 60 min. It is very deep and expanded Spiritually. Allow some silent time
before listening to prepare yourself to receive the depth and height of the experience. In addition, allow silent time
afterwards to gently integrate the content and energy of the meditation.

This meditation is for you if ...

  • You'd like to be intimately connected with your Angels and Spirit Guides

  • You're ready to open your Heart, listen to your Soul and really Know what is your next best step to support
    your Spiritual evolution and your daily Choices

  • You're very familiar with meditation and are ready to have a different, higher and deeper experience of the
    Stillness within you

  • You've never meditated before and you'd like to have a true Spiritual Master expertly guide you through
    this experience of connecting with your Essence

  • You've attended any S.O.U.L. program or event and you can't wait to have this powerful tool at your fingertips
    any time you desire

  • You're already registered to attend a S.O.U.L. program soon, and you'd like to give yourself an incredible
    head start prior to the event

  • You used to meditate diligently and would love to start back on a regular practice again

  • You're ready and willing to receive a wondrous gift of Self-love and Self-awareness that can only enhance
    your choices and your LIFE!
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"Key To Your Soul - Removing Blocks and Transforming Old Beliefs At A Soul Level "

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Meditation for the soul



Please be aware that this meditation session is not counseling or psychotherapy. If you need therapy, please consult a professional. This meditation should be done in a safe, quiet place. Never listen to this meditation while driving.