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Here are the most common questions
S.O.U.L participants have had...

What is S.O.U.L.? 

S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc.™ is a Spiritual Educational Program that teaches Unconditional Love and Individual Freedom.  We teach you how to remove obstacles in your life that keep you from having what you really want.  We show you how to create consciously what you truly desire, rather than to create unconsciously what you do not want.

I have taken numerous educational and Spiritual programs throughout the world for many years, how can S.O.U.L. help me that is different than other programs?

S.O.U.L. will take you deeper and higher than any other program you have participated in.  We work only with your Heart, Soul and Spirit.  We teach you to quiet your head, and listen to your soul - so you can get to your deepest issues and choose from a soul level to make things different.  This may lead you into past lives, but S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc.™ focuses only in the present.  The past is only relevant if it impacts your present situation. If so, we teach you to bring the past to the present for transformation. We give you tools that will teach you to love yourself, free yourself, and choose the life you truly desire, rather than the one you're unconsciously choosing.  S.O.U.L. gives you tools that can create instant transformation.

How does S.O.U.L. teach?  What method does it use?

S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc.™ uses any and every method that will move energy.  Whenever you are stuck, it is energy that is stuck.  What this means is that you are disconnected from you. 

What S.O.U.L. does is teach you how to return to you - the real you, the "Divine You". S.O.U.L. moves energy in every way possible. We use group dynamics, music, meditation, channeling, program exercises, homework, safeguards, your wisdom, your Angels, and your Spirit guides - whatever works.

You mean to tell me that I am responsible for what is happening to me?  How can I be responsible for what "other people" have done to me?  I don't choose what happens to me - do I?

Yes, you choose everything that happens to you.  I mean everything.  I know it is easier to blame others, but this will not, and cannot, change anything.  Only you can change what happens to you.  Now, your choice may be unconscious - so you would want to bring it to consciousness in order to change it.  

You may not be responsible for the content, i.e. your mom abandoned you.  But, you are responsible for how you experience it.  Do you judge you?  Blame you?  If so, you will carry this belief into all relationships, and this belief will have you imprisoned for life, unless you choose differently.  Only you can change your experience.

You say, you "quiet my head," how do you do that?  I can never quiet my head.  Meditation doesn't work for me.  Do you meditate a lot at S.O.U.L.?  

S.O.U.L.'s whole emphasis is to quiet your head.  Your head is limited to this social consciousness, and many times is in your way.  S.O.U.L. quiets your head very easily, so that you can listen to your soul.   We use meditation and Universal Truths.  We do not meditate a lot, just some.  We do not want you hanging out in meditation, but rather bringing a peaceful state into your daily life. Many have done it before you - So can you!

My life is actually pretty good; Why would I come to S.O.U.L. if I have no problems? 

S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc.™ is not about solving problems.  If you have them, and bring them to the program, you will be given tools to heal yourself; however, the true purpose of S.O.U.L. is to teach you how to experience yourself in the highest Divine Way possible while in physical form. 

You will learn Unconditional Love and Freedom like you could never imagine. You will learn to create Abundance in every area of your life. You will learn to reach a level of Love and Freedom, both personal and universal, that goes beyond any expectation.

You will experience Love, Peace, Joy and Freedom that is your True Essence - a state that you thought you could not reach while in physical form - but it is you, the Real You.

You have to be ready for this transformation, because your whole life will change drastically. Do you deserve the Love and Freedom that is your True Essence? Perhaps not. Not yet anyway. You will know when you are ready.

It will come from your soul, not your head, you will realize you as you never thought possible - and when your soul speaks nothing can stop you.

Will S.O.U.L. conflict with my religion?  Or, I don't believe in God - why would I attend S.O.U.L.?

S.O.U.L. is not a religion.  People from every religion, and no religion, have attended S.O.U.L. Institute and they loved it.  We have had up to fourteen different religions in the same room, at the same time, and it is very loving and peaceful.

By saying S.O.U.L. is Spiritual, we do not mean that it is "religious."  What we mean is that you will connect with your Soul and Spirit, the Essence of You - that is connected to all. The most important thing is to connect with the God (or the Divine essence) inside you, and if you don't believe in God, to connect with the "great Spirit" that is in all of us.  S.O.U.L. is about Unconditional Love and Individual Freedom and all religions and people relate to it. 

What if my husband/wife doesn't come?  Will it still work? 

It will absolutely work.  The only person you can ever change is yourself.  When you change, the world around you will definitely change with you - because it is your reflection.  The games between you and others have to stop because you're no longer a player.  

Besides, most spouses, family members, and friends see such a drastic growth in participants that they want the transformation tools also.  Most family members will follow each other to S.O.U.L.  Most participants will say, "Boy, my spouse has really changed," but it's really the S.O.U.L. participant who has changed, the partner only reflects the change. 

I can't afford this.  Why does S.O.U.L. cost so much?  Other Spiritual programs are free!

S.O.U.L. puts you in touch with you and your soul - like no other program can.  S.O.U.L. teaches you to Love and Accept all of you so you can realize the Abundance you are in every area of your life. 

We give you tools to free you from self-judgment and self-degradation.  We teach you to stop your games of self-sabotage so you can truly have all you desire.  Are you worth it? How much is your Freedom worth to you?

What price would you put on your soul?  Other programs talk about Spirituality.  In S.O.U.L., you'll have the chance to live it and breathe it.  Once you decide you really do want to take this intensive, you'll see many options for creating the finances to pay for it.

MAstering Your Life Esperanza Universal

"The life I always dreamed of is now within my reach and I am able to stay present with each experience I create."

"Throughout my life I had found myself searching to find out how I could connect with people. Often in my past I found myself in a room full of people and feeling alone. Prior to participating in the S.O.U.L. program, I had bought into personal belief systems which said it was not okay for me to feel my feelings, the life I desired was only for other people, and intimate relationships were nonexistent. I found myself always feeling on the outside and never really connecting with anything or anyone, including myself.

The S.O.U.L. program offered me a safe, loving environment to gently discover my true essence and live from my authentic self. I discovered patterns in my life that no longer served me and was given the opportunity to make new choices. Gracefully, the S.O.U.L. program offered me opportunities to choose to love myself.

As I began loving myself I experienced a new way of living, one supporting me, and my personal desires. I found myself connecting deeply with others and myself. I began realizing the value of each moment and each experience. Through the tools given to me by the S.O.U.L. program I continue to expand my self-awareness. The life I always dreamed of is now within my reach and I am able to stay present with each experience I create. The patterns of my past are of my past and the choices I make today, and everyday, are reflecting the love I now have for myself. Today I am able to experience my life from an inner knowing that I am love and I am loved. The guidance and tools given at S.O.U.L. have transformed my life, allowing me to experience a rich and fulfilling life of love, abundance, joy and peace."

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