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Soul education and spiritualityThe S.O.U.L. Institute is a Spiritual Educational Program that teaches you how to Know, Love, and Free yourself from the prisons you have created in various areas of your life.

S.O.U.L. is Spiritually based, so we focus on the Heart, Soul and Spirit of individuals, groups, and businesses. We also address the Universal Mind.

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S.O.U.L. Institute - Teachings

The S.O.U.L. Institute teaches Unconditional Love and Individual Freedom.... and Spiritual Guidance.

We teach you to manifest this in every area of your life. We work with individuals, groups, and businesses.

Your Spirit breathes your Soul
Your Soul breathes your Heart
Your Heart breathes You


Your Heart is the Key to your Soul, your Soul the Key
to your Spirit.

Esperanza Universal

Esperanza is Co-creator and CEO of the Systems Of Universal Law Institute Inc.®

Esperamza - soul guidance and transformationShe considers herself a Co-creator since much of the Universal Teachings come from the Spiritual realm through channeling, meditation and prayer. Some of the information shared in the programs is also from Esperanza's extensive studies and explorations of Spiritual realms.

S.O.U.L. Institute has been in operation for over fifteen years. S.O.U.L. has taught Unconditional Love and Individual Freedom to multitudes of people throughout the world. Participants attend our programs from many walks of life, many states and various countries. We serve youth, adults, singles, couples, parents, groups, businesses, and corporations. We also serve animals, plants and nature.

Esperanza first began to use Universal Teachings in her practice of law, as she was an attorney when she first realized these truths. With the application of Universal Truths, clients' cases would settle in a few weeks, when in the past the same cases would have taken several years of litigation. When clients on both sides are committed to the truth of the situation they have created, and are willing to take responsibility for their actions, adversarial roles will quiet in a short time and harmony will prevail.

Esperanza no longer practices social law. She teaches only Sacred Law. If legal situations are presented to the S.O.U.L. Institute, all parties must be committed to resolving the situation with a loving, Spiritual approach.

The S.O.U.L. Institute is committed and devoted to your soul's evolution. Our Vision is that all those we touch step into their own wisdom, and realize the Love and Freedom of their very essence. Our desire is that all participants who come to us live these Universal Truths, healing and transforming themselves, others, and the whole world.


Esperanza Universal consciously chose her last name. As an infant she was taken away from her mother by the courts. The courts would give her differing last names throughout her childhood. She chose her last name as a reflection of her wisdom. She knows that she is a Child of the Universe. Esperanza grew up in numerous foster homes and institutions. Many of these homes were very poor and abusive. Others were distant and disconnected. Esperanza saw herself as a free maid and babysitter in foster homes. As a child, she never felt that she belonged anywhere. Her favorite home was the juvenile hall. She was first placed in the hall at the age of five, since there were no homes available. She does not remember knowing her parents as a child.

In High School Esperanza was placed in a private boarding school by the court, since there were no homes available. It was at this school that she learned to love God and respect knowledge and education.

Soul spirit and loveExperience:

Esperanza graduated from college with a degree in Psychology. She has a Masters Degree and has graduated from law school. She also has a degree in metaphysics. Esperanza practiced as an attorney for many years. She served as an Assistant City Attorney and was in private practice. Esperanza loved civil litigation. Her specialty was land law, business, and labor law.

Esperanza's interest was to become the first Hispanic congresswoman. Prior to her legal practice, Esperanza was a psychotherapist, probation officer, and an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer. She was active in community politics. She served on various civic organization boards and commissions in the region of San Diego, the state of California, and on a national level. Some of the boards and commissions Esperanza served on include United Way, Boy Scouts of America, Employers Advisory, Growth Management, Education, Health, Child Welfare, Equal Employment, Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Adopted Children's policy committee, Foster Child procedures committee, Charitable Organizations, Political Advisory, Human Relations, Hispanic Business Association, the news media, and attorneys associations.


healing circleWhile practicing law, Esperanza began to see Angels and Spirits in the courtroom and in other legal proceedings. She would receive information from the Spirit world. She was initially shocked and confused. Later she became very intrigued and bewildered with these phenomena and began to study Spirituality profusely. She retired from law and began to focus on Universal Truths.

Esperanza is now a Spiritual Teacher and Metaphysical Minister. She has studied in various personal growth and Spiritual programs throughout the nation. Esperanza has now dedicated her life to sharing Unconditional Love and Individual Freedom with multitudes of people, co-creating a Union of One and Ascension of all.