Esperanza enlightenmentWelcome!

If you have landed on this special page it's because
you are ready to make some real changes in your life, ready to take that important step towards creating
the life you truly desire by attending this custom event, designed just for you!

Are you Ready?

  1. Ready to discover the MOST IMPORTANT thing you must focus
    on in order to get through what is blocking you in any area of your life?

  2. Ready to find out what REALLY creates the undesired  results and unwanted "surprises" that keep chaos and stress a daily part of your life?

  3. Ready to learn the Three things it takes to CHANGE those unwanted
    results easily and permanently?

  4. Ready to HONESTLY look at the common ways you unknowingly sabotage
    your own goals, aspirations and desires?

Ready to hear about and even PRACTICE Four Simple Steps to
Transform what's in your way, instantly and effortlessly?

In the span of just 3 hours, you join with others in a beautifully safe, open and giving space
In this environment, I can begin guiding you to learn to apply some Simple, Practical and Powerful steps
for getting to the root of what has been holding you back in any area of your life, so you can truly:

  • Create Relationships that are Connected, Equal and Supportive

  • Have Money that flows Easily and Effortlessly

  • Attract Business clients that Appreciate and Honor what you offer

  • Live your Purpose & Vision in Integrity with your Heart and Soul

These steps are some of the very ones the Spiritual Masters taught me to heal myself, which I now share with you. 
There will be some Teachings, Exercises and Experiences of Transformation that you can carry with you
into your daily life.

Normally, an in-person teaching and group experience with me
as your Spiritual Teacher in this type of setting is priced at $197.

However, because of your commitment to your Soul's evolution and growth -
especially NOW, in the time of the greatest Spiritual Evolution earth has known -
AND your taking Action to realize your Choice,

I am offering this opportunity at a 50% discount.

That is, you can participate for just $98!

Are you Ready to . . .
" Remove Old Beliefs, Blocks and Obstacles on A Soul Level - 
and Create the Life You Truly Desire?"

If so, I encourage you to take this next important step for you:

S.O.U.L. Half-Day Workshop
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Date and Time: To Be Announced
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S.O.U.L. Half-Day Workshop - To Be Announced